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Thirty years in the industry, Jean Knight has gained a national reputation as a Behavioral Style Communication Specialist with a results oriented attitude. The ability to quickly recognize and solve stressful Interpersonal Relationship situations have kept her moving from client to client. For 25 years clientele referrals have allowed her to simultaneously continue research and classroom training. Jean says confidently "we will never live long enough to discover all there is to know about people and their behavioral styles..but we're working at it. In the meantime, we've seen a lot and solved a lot with what we do know. The discovery is very enlightening. Call us, we love to share.

Our Approach

Our service include 

Conflict Resolutions. We interview everyone, involved or not directly involved. Even a small conflict not address will affect the performance of some and create a departmental problem. 

Affective Communication Training is a particular method of personal interaction between participants within the workshop. This approach removes any doubt as to the likes or dislikes of each style. With this information every member of the team now has a greater responsibility for making things work. 

 Hiring & Termination

 An outside Consultant armed with the correct knowledge of this process can save managers a lot of time and effort. We are here to help.

Keynotes for Conventions, Service Clubs and Corporate Conferences should be fun, informative and educational. How about an interview to see if we are a good fit. 


Why Us?

Why US?...Reasonable Question!

Why not us? 

In our long time and ongoing relationship with people we have been involved in saving jobs, marriages and on occasion just someones peace of mind. An Interpersonal Relationship Problem can make you want to do bodily harm to yourself or that fool who won't listen, thinks they're always right. You're trying to deal with this nut BUT each attempt increases the tension.  Why us, we look at every angle, aren't bisis, don't take sides and will provide an approach that will help you "help them"  want to "help you," If you have a nagic wane you can wish the problem away. If not "we can help." 

 Some Interpersonal Relationships may have no cure, they can't be fixed. It can be called divorce,  "you're fired" or I quit.

So why us? We help relieve the pressure by bring all parties involved to the table. The opportunity to voice ones displeasure with out having to accept blame, quilt or be angry is theriputic. You may decide your days of trying are over. And you feel good about it.

With Us... you my be shocked to learn why those smart intelligent individuals you love find you difficult to deal with.  So what about those you depend on professionally? This knowledge will set you free. You can now accept people for what they are. With no more guessing or jumping to conclusions you will be operating from a position of power. It can keep you in control and out of trouble. You might even be viewed as a better manager, employee, parent or spouse. That's "Why Us"


About Us

What others are saying


I  have been relying on Jean's insight and using her training to improve both my performance and that of my staff for almost 20 years.  I moved to a new city and Jean's seminar was one of my first steps.  Improvement in our teamwork and ability to serve our customers was  immediate. one of my best investments.
Susan Morgan, CFO, City of Round Rock

Jean  possesses a keen insight as to communication skills, abilities and  knowledge which she teaches extraordinarily well.  From her teaching and  involvement, I have seen amazing results within city organizations  dealing with fellow employees and citizens.  Everyone should invest in  this training to produce better and more satisfying results, and Jean  Knight is the best there is.
Bob Hart, City Manager, Corinth, TX

I  have engaged Jean multiple times over a 10 year period.  As my career  has progressed and I have new management and sales teams, I have brought  Jean in to improve the communication both internally and with our  customers.  There is no doubt that skills acquired by the teams has  resulted in higher sales, less turnover and better teamwork.
Greg Snyder, VP of Sales, Siemens Corp.

Jean  is a Dynamic Teacher.  Her training has greatly increased my income and  customer base.  And the positive impact on my family has been life  changing.
Mark Sickmann, President
Marble Discount & Tile Supply, Inc.

I  use this training daily.  By understanding my style as well as others, I know in advance the type of information people need to make decisions. It really gives me the edge. 
Terry Franklin, SBU Manager
Affiliated Computer Services, Inc., ITO-Commercial Solutions

Understanding  people and their thinking is essential in my profession.  Jean has  helped me optimally resolve challenges in my legal practice and as a  management official of a public company.  I gain daily from Jean's  training and mentor-ship.
DeAnne Varner, Attorney at Law

Jean's  management seminars are fun, interactive and informative, she educates  on how to communicate at the highest level with clients and co-workers.   it is valuable and bears repeating as a refresher.  It is essential for  new employees.
Ruth Fitzgibbons, Principal
Richards Group

I've  used this personality style information since 1978, it's the best  investment I ever made.  I use it daily to continue to improve my  communication and relationship with others.

Richard Hutter
V.P. Prime Computer


Generate excitement


Jean Ford Knight
Travels nationally as a Proven  Problem Solver and keynote speaker with a focus on Affective  Communication as it relates to all Interpersonal Relationships. In addition to private consultations, she teaches customized workshop where interactive participation between attendees find workable solutions to stressful situations that occur daily.

The training opens a great many doors into the strange and mysterious ways of those unlike ourselves. We have all run into the oddities of people and experienced the good and the bad. When differences occur between people it may come as a  surprise, and trying to fix the problem may make things worse.

Most people have a  "basket" of unorganized information concerning the people they interact with. The workshop supplies the tools needed to help organize that information using a method perfected over the past 30 years. 

You will leave the workshop with a greater degree of understanding of yourself and others. It will allow you to achieve a greater degree of control in your life and your work with less stress and aggravation.

1) No made-up roll playing. Attendees bring real life situations to deal with.

2) No Motivational Hype-this is a learning experience. Hype not needed.

In Jeans words "This workshop and all other work by me is Interpersonal. I am not qualified to deal in the world of Psychology. Find a good therapist.  

Close the deal

Recognizing an individuals behavioral style will allow you to describe, predict and
take appropriate action based upon that knowledge

Three hard things - Diamonds, Steel, and to Know One's Self

  •  When you deal with people according to their style you can speak and act from a conviction born of knowledge.
  •  Normally, we see things not as they are but as we are.  This training will change your perspective.
  •  Communicating by style will make others think you are a good listener and give you better insight into any situation.
  •  Good  supervision, using Jean's techniques, is the art of giving people a shot in the arm without letting them feel the needle.
  •  An unhappy employee is a distracted employee. 
  • The training will make it easier to manage 'effectively'  added Bonus.. staff will be more open and accepting of ones management style..thus more productive.


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